Tactical Master Gaming Headset
Tactical Master Gaming Headset
Tactical Master Gaming Headset

Tactical Master Gaming Headset

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  • Virtual 7.1 surround sound is your secret weapon.

  • Ergonomic design for the most comfortable experience.

  • 53mm drive offers a clear sound quality.

  • No sound loss in the digital noise proof microphone.


Fed up with a heavy, expensive, and bulky headset? Looking for a powerful performing headset at a reasonable price? If you want a gaming set that offers phenomenal sound for both gaming and music, it’s time to give Tactical Master a try.

Peerless Audio quality 

From a sigh, vibrato, falsetto, guitar strums, to drumming, Tactical Master balances out the different beats to allow you to suss out the overall tonal balance, the most accurate sound positioning for a supreme surround stereo.

Advanced virtual 7.1 simulated surround sound 

Virtual 7.1simulates the surround sound through the left and right channels of an audio source which offers gamers immersive experience. With the high level of sensitivity, gamers are able to define the details and improve their judgment of the sound. Therefore, compared with the traditional headphones, the 7.1 channel is designed for 3D games.


Featuring a 6*2.7 mm nose-eliminating microphone with a high signal to noise ratio, it delivers clear audio output.

High-end 53mm driver

Driver Unit is the element that converts an electrical signal into sound. Normally, the bigger the driver unit, the larger the speaker, and more powerful is the output. The quality of the driver unit is what makes a huge difference to the sound.


The ergonomic design of the TM runs through its look and structure. The 15-degree tilt between the headset and the auricle offers perfect comfort; while the earmuffs can be adjusted according to the size of the face, which is more suitable for long-term wear.



Microphone sensitivity-42±2dB
Frequency response range20~20000Hz
Speaker sizeø53
Sensitivity103±3 dB
Output impedance32±20% ohm
Rated power10mW
Maximum withstand power20mW
Headphone cable specification line length2.0m*ø4.2mm black braided wire
Signal to noise ratiogreater than 70dB